Our wedding reception on Aug 24, 2013 was filled with EVERYTHING a bride could have ever wanted on her wedding day: the perfect husband, the perfect location, perfect weather, perfect food, perfect music, etc. But the ICING ON THE CAKE was Mr and Mrs Smooth, without a doubt!

When Steve and I planned our wedding reception aboard the Infinity Yacht, we absolutely refused their DJ service because we had to have Mr Smooth. We had taken many of his ballroom classes and we knew he would be the best man for our special day. But what he and Jackie did at our reception was ABOVE AND BEYOND our greatest expectations! Mr Smooth played the songs we asked for and more, he did an excellent job with the announcements, they kept the crowd entertained and of course he and Jackie packed the floor by teaching us and our guest the newest hustles. They both watched like proud parents as my husband and I did our first dance with the ballroom lessons we took in his classes. He even gave me very good instructions on how to toss my bouquet so that I wouldn't hit the low ceiling, and it was just right.

Our guests are still talking about the Smooths weeks later! I would marry my husband a thousand times over just to have Mr and Mrs Smooth facilitate our wedding reception again. Couples, do yourselves a BIG favor by having the Smooths at your reception or other special event. They'll make it the best day of your lives!

Dr Steven & Mrs. Stacey Jones


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Hello, Mr. Smooth

I had a great time in class on Tuesday. I thought the rotation process was wonderful. I enjoyed having the opportunity to dancing with different men. This helps us to know that some guys have a strong pull and some having a more softer pull.

The structure of the class was wonderful. I liked how your team was placed to help couples complete the ballroom moves if they were having difficulties.

Lastly, I liked how you instructed the class. When you taught a new move you were in the center of the floor so everyone could see. Then you gave us several opportunities to practice the move. You also used a mic so we could hear. Very organized operation.

I wished I lived in Detroit, so I could come to your class every week! I've been telling everyone about your class. I will attend again, lots of fun!

Thank you,


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Hello Mr. & Mrs. Smooth

I, Renee Baldwin-Gray, had a fun night this past Tuesday 02-16-2016 at Club Yesterday's learning Ballroom. I recently was given blood pressure medicine which I had been off over 15 years ago. I surely did not plan on taking this again. I promised the Doctor I would move more and eat right to not have to take this and he said let's see a while and we'd determine my wish, so your class comes in handy. Plus an added bonus to meet new friends of common interest has happened as well! I'm a Mail-Lady (Letter Carrier) by trade and my body needs more exercise than the 23year normal exercise I get! Your sessions definitely reduce todays everyday outside stress for a couple of hours or more. Keep motivating moving your feet!