Want to learn ballroom dancing? Join us in class to watch, have fun, or learn and become certified with the Mr. Smooth Club-style Ballroom Dance.  Check the Smooth Calendar and find out the most current class days, times and locations. 

The "Mr. Smooth" style of Club Style Ballroom is a dance style specifically designed by Mr. Smooth to make it very easy for the non-dancer to the professional to pick up on the dance steps in a relatively short span of time.

Take the advice from the thousands of Mr. Smooth trained students who will say time and time again that the Mr. Smooth style was the foundation for their ballroom dancing and oh what fun they had while learning it.  When learning in a Mr. Smooth dance class the environment is free, festive, and fun.

Lessons begin in the face to face position with the partner. The transition to the "ballroom" positions begins after a simple rock to the left, rock to the right, rock to left, rock to the right and release into the side to side stance where the dancing partners go back and forward to music. This is known as the basic club style ballroom movement. From here the majority of all other ballroom moves eminate. Walks, hesitations, turns, cradles, and wraps are all derived from this one basic ballroom movement.

More advanced movements are taught in the advanced classes as a supplement to the basic ballroom classes.  In addition, Mr. Smooth offers classes and private lessons throughout the week in the Metropolitan Detroit, MI. area and on an ongoing basis at dance venues.